Viewing the Actions Needed for a Student

Use this page to learn how to view the actions required for a student from the Course Enrollment section.

  1. Click Course Enrollment
  2. Filter to find the enrollment(s) and click Search
  3. Under Go To, click Action Required
  4. These are the actions needed for a teacher to take for the student. To learn more about this page, click here
  5. Click the name of the assignment. 
  6. Review the student's answer compared to the answer key. 


    Misspelled words appear in red.

  7. Select an action to take on the question. 


    The options are:

    • Reassign- reassigns the individual question
    • Skip- skips the question
    • Update score- provides a score other than what is shown for the question. Make sure to enter the new score in the box and then click Update Score.