Key Points for Enrolling Students in Courses


Types of Enrollments Description
How the system processes enrollments Enrollments are processed asynchronously, or in a two-step process, by the system:
  • Step One: The enrollment is submitted for verification. As the enrollment creator, an immediate confirmation message for the enrollment submittal is provided. The enrollment goes into a system queue.
  • Step Two: The system processes the queue and creates the enrollment. A message will be sent to the Messages Inbox with the subject of Batch Enrollment Result to the enrollment creator and the teacher assigned to the enrollment (if not the same). The message contains information detailing successful and failed enrollments. 
CRx mode CRx mode cannot be changed (enabled or disabled) once the enrollment is created by the system. If the enrollment should have been in CRx mode, archive the enrollment, and then create a new enrollment with CRx mode enabled.
Enrolling multiple students at the same time
  • For the students with individual, personalized Grading, Pacing, and Weights settings, they keep their personalized settings for the enrollment.
  • For the students without individual, personalized Grading, Pacing, and Weights settings, they use the default school-level Grading, Pacing, and Weights settings.
  • However, if you, as the enrollment creator and logged-in user, have the "Change Grading, Pacing, and Assessments" permission, you can modify (personalize) the enrollment settings for the entire enrollment.
Assigning multiple courses at the same time You select one teacher of record (TOR) and one term for all courses in the enrollment.
Consecutive student enrollments As a time-saving feature, select the Create Another Enrollment check box located below the Create Enrollment button at the bottom of the page before you submit the enrollment. This action keeps your selected students, teacher, term, and courses in the Enroll Students page so that you only have minimal changes to make after submitting the first enrollment. If you switch to another tab or page between consecutive enrollments, your settings are not saved.