Rescheduling the Term for Student Enrollments

Reschedule a term for an enrollment or multiple enrollments for a student because:

  • The student cannot begin a course on the start date and does not want to get behind in the course's assignments.
  • The student wants to graduate earlier which may mean an earlier end date.
  • A course term ended for the student and the "Block Term End Progress" setting was set, but the desire is to allow the student to continue. The student triggered the "Reschedule end of term" notification.

When rescheduling multiple enrollments at the same time for a student, those enrollments will all use the same, new term. So, reschedule each one individually if they are to have different terms. Rescheduling an enrollment resets the student's pacing schedule across the remaining updated, eligible days and requires 24 hours for the changes to appear for the student.


Teachers and Supers Teachers with the "Assign Courses" permission can reschedule
enrollments for students they have access to see.

  1. Click Course Enrollment
  2. Filter to find the enrollment(s) and click Search
  3. Checkmark one or more enrollments for the student. 
  4. Click Reschedule
  5. Select the Term
  6. Click Reschedule.
  7. A confirmation window shows the changes were made successfully. Click Ok