Imagine Odysseyware rostering options

A successful school year starts with a successful rostering experience. This workflow is designed to help District Administrators, IT Administrators, Principals, or those who are familiar with rostering decisions and methods make the right rostering decision for their school or district.

Choosing the best method for your school or district

Imagine Edgenuity offers three ways to roster: Self-Managed, One-Time Assisted, and Automated. Review the table to determine which method works best for your school or district.

  Self-Managed One-Time Assisted Automated
Head count: How many accounts do you need? Less than 50 accounts 50–200 accounts 200+ accounts
Student mobility: How often do students move between schools in your district? Students don't move often Students don't move often Students move often
Rostering frequency: How often do you need to update your rosters? As needed 1–2 times per school year Daily or weekly
Current integration method: How do you currently roster students? Manually Manually Using a Student Information System (SIS) or third-party integration service

How rostering works

Once you have chosen a method, you can expect the following:

  Self-Managed One-Time Assisted Automated
Initial rostering We provide guides that walk you through how to roster users and classes manually. You use in-product tools to update rosters. We provide import templates and instructions for uploading your data. Once received, our Technical Services team validates the data and then imports the users and classes in bulk. We then verify with you that accounts were successfully created.

Use your SIS to manage users.


Subsequent updates to rosters You use in-product tools to update rosters. After initial import, you use in-product tools to manually update rosters without assistance from Imagine Learning. Changes are reflected in automated, regularly scheduled imports.
How users log in Users log in manually.

Users log in manually.

Single sign-on (SSO) is only supported with Automated rostering.

Users log in manually or using SSO if the district has it.
Next steps

If you choose self-managed rostering, continue to the following articles to create educator and student accounts:

If you choose assisted rostering, continue to Uploading your roster files to Imagine Odysseyware. If you are interested in automated rostering, reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) who can connect you with our integrations team.