Creating Student Groups

Student groups are:

  • A useful way to organize students together for batch purposes, such as enrolling a group of students in a summer school course or even sending messages to a group of students. For group enrollments, you can run the Group Overview and Group Progress reports to see summary information showing course grades and percentage complete by and detailed progress for the group in selected courses.
  • Searchable on the Gradebook > Grading tab.
  • A method of identifying students, for example, those students that may have a common goal, such as graduating the same year, or those students that meet every other Wednesday for a group study period.
  • Transferable to another owner, for example, a teacher owning several groups must take a leave of absence from the school. The teacher or administrator user can transfer the groups to a new teacher.


To manage student groups, the "Manage Student Groups" permission is required.

  1. Click Students
  2. Click Groups
  3. Click + New Group.
  4. Enter a group name. 


    The group name must be unique and capitalization does not make it unique. The name must also contain three (3) characters, but not more than 31 characters and must be unique for your school.

  5. Optional- provide a description for the group. 
  6. Find student(s) to add to the group by entering three characters of the student's first or last name, username, Student ID, or Campus Id. To enter multiple students, enter one character and then hit Backspace to remove the character. The list of all students accessible by you will appear.
  7. Click the + of the student(s) to add to the group. 
  8. Students in the group will appear in the table below.
  9. Click Save