Changing the Status of Students

Typically, most students are in Active status so that those students can log in and do their assigned school work. If desired, a student's status can be changed from Active to On Hold or to Archived, and from On Hold back to Active or to Archived. If a student is in Archived status and the grace period has not expired, the student's status can be changed from Archived to Active or On Hold.


To edit a student's account, the "Student Maintenance" permission is required.


When you place a student in Archived status, it is like placing the student's information in a virtual file cabinet. The information does not get deleted from Edgenuity’s system; it just gets filed away from sight but can be easily retrieved the grace period has not expired. The grace period for archived user accounts is set by your Administrator. When a user's status is changed to Archived, places the account in a temporary "Pending Archive" status until the grace period expires. During the grace period, the Archived status can be reversed, with all information related to the user account returned to either On Hold or Active status. Once the grace period ends, the user account automatically moves from Pending Archive to Archived status and the status cannot be reversed. You would have to create a new user account with a new user name. Be aware that students placed in Archived status are automatically removed from any student groups, but will retain any associated Campus IDs.


You may want to change a student's status to On Hold if the student cannot start their assigned courses so you do not want the assignments to show as Overdue. Once the student is ready to start, you can update the status to Active which automatically enables the ability to log in. Because you cannot delete a student's profile, you can change the status to Archived so that the user can no longer log in.

  1. Click Students
  2. Checkmark the student(s). Filter if needed. 
  3. From the Actions drop-down, select the desired status. 
  4. Click Apply
  5. A confirmation will appear. Click OK