Filtering, Searching, and Sorting the Students Registration List

To help locate a specific student user, filter, search, and sort the students list. The View field and the row below the column headings contain filter tools, such as drop-down lists and blank text boxes. The blank text boxes are smart search boxes to enter text or characters so that the system can find matching data and automatically filter the list.

  1. Click Students
  2. Click the Registration tab. 
  3. To filter, select any of the following: 

    Action Do the following...
    View all students By default, the View field shows all students. The "all" students that you see depends on your user role.
    View assigned students From the View field, select my students.
    Filter list by login enabled and/or status Click the down arrow to display the list choices and select an item. The Registration list is filtered by the selection.
    Search by student id, campus ids, first or last name, or username Start typing in any smart search box and once you have entered at least three characters, the list is filtered to match the entered characters.
    Sort list Click the right of a column heading name to display an ascending/descending control. Sort the column.
    Reset (remove) column filters Click the Reset filters symbol Students-Filtering-Registration_tab-reset_filters.png located in the lower left of the page. The filters are removed from the list and the default list displays. 
  4. To navigate to other pages, use the item number and paging controls located at the bottom of the page to view all items. 
    • From the list, select the number of items to display on the page. 
    • Use the page controls to move forward or backward through the pages or enter the page number.