Adding and Removing the Campus IDs for Students

Once Campus IDs are set up for the school, they can be added to students' profiles. Campus IDs are useful for filtering, sorting, and searching in many lists and reports. They can also be removed from student profiles.

The Administrator may have set up a default Campus ID so that when new student records are created, the student is automatically associated to that default campus.


To edit a student's account, the "Student Maintenance" permission is required.

To personalize the grading, pacing, and/or weights for students, the "Change Grading, Pacing, and Assessment" permission is required.


If you are a campus-focused Super Teacher, when creating a student record, that student automatically inherits the Campus IDs associated to your teacher profile. This feature makes it easier for you as a campus-focused Super Teacher to keep track of student records.

  1. Click Students
  2. Find the student to edit. Filter if needed. 
  3. Click Edit in the student's row. 
  4. Add or remove the Campus ID to the student's account. 
    • Adding- To associate one or more campus ids to the student, select each one. Or, to associate all, click the Select all option. If a default campus id has been set up by the Administrator, this campus identifier appears by default for the student.
    • Removing- To remove an associated campus ID, clear the check box.
  5. Click Save