Messages Overview

By default, the Messages tab displays All messages (unread and read) in the Inbox in chronological order by date and time when received. Unread messages appear in bold text and read messages are in normal text.



Item Feature/tool Description
A Viewing and sorting filters

Find and manage messages and change the information displayed. 

  • View Inbox, Archived, or Sent messages. 
  • View All, Read, or Unread (appear in bold text) messages. 
B Message tools Write and send messages, mark messages as read or unread, and archive multiple messages. 
C Message type symbol Indicates the type of message. 
  • OW-messages-overview-icon-system.png System-generated message, such as the result of a batch enrollment, new enrollment, enrollment change, etc.
  • OW-messages-overview-icon-student_help.png Help needed request from a student while working on questions for an assignment.
  • OW-messages-overview-icon-person-to-person.png Person-to-person message from another teacher, admin, or student. For example, a student in a course assigned to you has a question or a teacher may need your assistance.
D Date and From columns Shows the date and time of the message and message sender or receiver name. 
E Subject and Preview columns Shows the title of the message and a short preview of the message contents
F Actions column Displays action tools to view, reply to, forward, archive, view the lesson in the message, export, and move an archived message back in the inbox. 
  • View message OW-messages-overview-actions-view_icon.png. Opens the Message page so that you can read the message. While reading the message, other action buttons are available based on the type of message. 
  • Reply to message OW-messages-overview-actions-reply_icon.png. Opens the Reply to Message page to reply to the sender and add other recipients to the message. 
  • Forward message OW-messages-overview-actions-forward_icon.png. Opens the Forward Message page to forward the message to other recipients and include a response. 
  • Export message as pdf OW-messages-overview-actions-export_as_pdf_icon.png. Creates a pdf of the message, including any message threads, to effectively communicate message details with others. 
  • View lesson in help-requested message OW-messages-overview-actions-view_lesson_icon.png. Opens the lesson and the student's question to reply to the lesson help request. 
  • Archive message OW-messages-overview-actions-archive_icon.png. Removes the message from the Inbox list and puts it under the Archived list.
  • Move message to Inbox OW-messages-overview-actions-move_to_inbox_icon.png. Removes the message from the Archived list and puts it under the Inbox list.