Troubleshooting: International students and blocked IP addresses in Imagine Odysseyware


Imagine Odysseyware can be accessed freely from most countries without any special preparation. However, to ensure security, Imagine Odysseyware has implemented a policy to block traffic originating from IP addresses in countries that are known to be high contributors to attacks. Users who are being blocked will see a 403 error page instead of the login page.

Affected countries

The affected countries are:

  • Belarus
  • Indonesia
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Iraq
  • Korea, Democratic People's Republic of 
  • Libya
  • Mainland China and Hong Kong
  • Russian Federation
  • Singapore


IP addresses will also be blocked for students who are traveling to these countries.

Unblocking the IP address

If you reside in or are traveling to these countries, you will need to request your IP address to be unblocked. To request an unblock, contact Customer Support and provide the following information:

  • Your IP address.
  • Whether your IP address is static.
  • The Request ID header, shown in the image below. This long string of random characters at the bottom of the page showing the 403 error allows us to locate the exact request that failed.