Family Resources

We have created the following resources that can be exported as a PDF and provided to parents or students when the student begins working in their Imagine Learning course. These resources include instructions on using the Family Portal, a student user guide, as well as tips for troubleshooting access at home.

Imagine Learning provides an exciting and engaging educational environment that is designed to capture attention and draw students into the interactive world of online and blended learning.

Imagine Learning has provided courses for students since 1998, and through our experience with teachers, students, and parents, we built an engaging and effective curriculum that connects science, math, language arts, social studies, and elective courses to your student’s everyday world.

Using a combination of animations, simulations, video-led direct instruction, relevant web sites, and a myriad of activities that support the lesson’s topic, students have a wealth of information at their fingertips that can be reviewed as many times as necessary to achieve mastery. Imagine Learning strongly believes that each student is unique and acquires information in his or her own way. As a result of that belief, our courses are designed to provide students with activities that support the ways they learn best: seeing, hearing, and touching the course materials.

To ensure your student’s experience with Imagine Learning is successful, we wanted to introduce ourselves and provide information that will enable you to partner with us in this goal. We are thrilled to have you and your student join the Imagine Learning family. Good luck, and have a terrific year!

Introductory Documentation


Accessing the Learning Management System Communicating with Your Student's Instructors Getting Help from Imagine Learning Monitoring Your Student's Progress Parent Letter


Acceso al Sistema de Gestión de Aprendizaje Comunicarse con los Instructores del Estudiante Obtener Ayuda de Imagine Learning Monitorear el Progreso del Estudiante Carta para Padres y Familias

Family Portal Information

Looking to have real-time access to your student's progress within Imagine Learning? Contact your student's educator and ask them to sign you up for the family portal. Within the portal you can view the attendance and progress of your student. 

Activating the Family Portal Understanding the Activity Stream Tab
Understanding the Calendar Tab Running the Progress Report for a Course

Support for Students

User Guide

The user guide will break down additional information for the student to learn about Imagine Odysseyware. 

Student User Guide

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements for Students

Student Best-Practice

Encourage your student to follow these best-practices as they learn how to be successful in a virtual environment: 

  • Focus and be on task in their coursework only
  • Protect your username and password
  • Work on one course at a time
  • Learn from your mistakes; review incorrect responses and take notes
  • Review grades and check progress
  • Answer all subjective responses thoroughly, in complete sentences, and using your own words 
  • Review notes and previous attempts before taking quizzes, tests and the cumulative exam
  • Save work before exiting (when applicable) and log off correctly

Support for Parents and Guardians

If your student is new to virtual learning, you’ll notice some differences from in-person learning including how teachers interact with students and how their progress and growth are measured. Even with these changes, both you and your student’s teachers remain crucial components of their success.

The biggest change will be in how the instruction and curriculum are made available to your student. No matter your student’s age, skill level, or ability, it’s good to regularly check in on them to help monitor their progress and remind them that you’re still invested in their academic growth and achievement. Talk through challenges with them, and encourage them to work through struggles. And as you can, celebrate successes, both big and small.

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