Activating a Parent Account

Use this page if you are a parent looking to create an account in the system. 

  1. Once an educator creates an account, an email should arrive with steps.
  2. Click the link. 

    This link is personalized to your account.

  3. Create a password and re-renter it. 
  4. Click Set Password
  5. Enter the username (email address) and password. Click Ready, Set, Learn

    If the school uses Single Sign-On (SSO) with Imagine Odysseyware, click the Sign In as Parent link first, then enter the username and password. Then click Ready, Set, Learn.

  6. The first time logging in, you will be asked to accept the License Agreement.
  7. Click Yes to confirm the student. 
  8. View the student's data. 
    • Activity Stream – contains the names of the students associated to your parent or guardian profile, the current courses for each student, their current overall progress in each course, including the percent complete, and their current cumulative score in each course.
    • Calendar – displays the current month (by default) and it is where days are designated as school days and no school days for the entire school. Changing a school day to a "no school" day or a "no school" day to a school day affects the working days for school terms and assignments' pacing.