Terms Overview

The Terms tab is where the Administrator can define the time frames for reporting or course completion for the school. A term determines the pacing schedule which is based on course activities and number of working days in the term.


  • Never inhibit a student from working; they just set a pacing guide.
  • Can be rescheduled which allows flexibility for self-pacing.
  • Can be used in report generation, for example, to see if students are on pace.



Item Description
Name Enter the desired title of the school term
Begin Enter the start date for the school term
End Enter the end date for the school term
Working Days Displays the number of days students have to work in the term. This number automatically populates after a new term has been added
Enrollable If enabled (checked), the term is able to have students enrolled and allows the term to be set as the default. There must be at least one default term created to enroll students.
Default  If enabled (checked), the selected term is set as the default term. The default appears when enrolling students in courses, however, select from ALL enrollable terms.
Actions Allows users to edit a term's name and start and
end dates and delete a term as long as the term does not have any active or on hold enrollments.
Add Term Create a new term.