Adding a Term

This page is a how-to on adding new terms.

  1. Click School Settings.OW-School_settings-click_school_settings.png
  2. Click Terms.Terms-Tab.png
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for term.Add-Term-Add-.png
  4. In the Begin field, click to display a calendar. Select a date or use the arrows to the right and left
    of the month and year to navigate to a previous or future month to select the begin date for the
  5. In the End field, click to display a calendar and select the end date for the term. The End date
    must be after the Begin date.Add-Term-Add-End.png
  6. To allow students to be enrolled in the term, select the Enrollable check box.Add-Term-Enrollable.png
  7. Click Add Term.Add-Term-Button.png
  8. To make this the default term that appears when enrolling students in courses, select
    Default. One must be selected as the default term.Add-Term-Default.png