FAQ- How are grades (scores) calculated for assignments?

Each assignment, no matter how many questions, is worth 100% and each question carries an equal value to the assignment.

Correct and Incorrect Answers

The assignment below has four questions. Therefore, each question is worth 25% (100/4=25%). Three of the four questions have Correct answers, indicated by the Green background color, and the question with the Incorrect answer is indicated by the Red background color. So, the assignment score is 3 * 25% or 75.0%.



Correct and Partially Correct Answers

Now, let's look at an assignment that has eight questions; six that have correct answers and two with partially correct answers indicated by the Yellow background color. So, for this assignment, each question is worth 12.5% (100/8=12.5). The assignment is showing an overall score of 91.3% and the following examples show how this score was calculated.

Six of the questions have correct answers, indicated by the Green background color. Calculates to: 6 * 12.5 = 75%


Question 7 was worth 10 points, but the student received 7 points, which equals 70%. Calculates to: 12.5 * 70% = 8.75%


 Question 8 was worth 10 points, but the student received 6 points, which equals 60%. Calculates to: 12.5 * 60% = 7.5% 


So, the overall grade for the assignment is the sum of its question values:

          75% + 8.75% + 7.5% = 91.25%

The assignment grade has been rounded up to 91.3%.


It is important to remember that if a teacher decides to skip a question in a graded assignment, the assignment score is automatically recalculated because the skipped question no longer counts towards the assignment total.