FAQ – How is inactivity time reported?

A student is credited 25 minutes (1,500 seconds) activity time when an assignment is opened. If the student does nothing in the assignment and whether or not they log out, one of the following results occur:

  • If the student fails to log out — for example, they just close the browser tab — she still receive 25 minutes activity time.


    With a failed logout, the student's session ends at the preset session_closed_at time which is currently set to one hour or 3,600 seconds. If the Login/Logout Times report is run within that hour, the session duration shows as "In Progress".

  • If the student logs out using the application's Sign Out button, the inactivity time is adjusted to the reflect the current time.

Once the student begins interacting with the assignment, the activity time is adjusted. At the end of the assignment session, when the student clicks the Turn It In button, the activity time gets updated to the current time such that the extra 25 minutes gets adjusted.


Found on the Student Work-Flow page.