FAQ - Password Requirements

In Spring 2023, password requirements were updated to make user data more secure. Imagine Learning's commitment to security certifications required us to make this change. Review the following frequently asked questions to successfully navigate this change.

Does everyone have to reset their password?

No. The new requirement is only for new accounts or if any user decides to change their password.

What can I change my password to?

Your password can be changed to anything that is 8 characters or longer. Allowed characters are:

  • 0–9
  • a–z
  • A–Z
  • ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + [ { ] } \ | ; : ' " , < . > / ? space (entered with space bar)

The system is not letting me change my password and the password is 8 characters. What's going on?

You might have elements of a commonly breached password included in your password, for example,  "12345678", "111111111", and "password". We recommend using a passphrase, for example, ”Learning_i$_Fun!”

I have an integration and new accounts are not getting created. What should I do?

Contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager (CSM), who will connect you with our integrations team so we can assist you in making that change.

My students, especially students in Grades K–5, have trouble remembering passwords that long. What can I do?

If your district is using a single sign-on integration, you can reach out to your Account Executive or CSM for more information on adding that service. Otherwise, we recommend using a passphrase that is easy to remember e.g. ”ILikeBlue”.

Do I have to change my username?

No. The change only applies to passwords.

I like this requirement and I want to change all passwords. Can you help me?

Yes! Contact your Account Executive or CSM. They will connect you to someone who will help you get those changed.