Managing Campus Identifiers

Create campus identifiers (IDs) to represent the various physical and virtual sites for the school. Campus IDs can then be associated to user profiles to run reports based on a specific campus.

If desired:

  • Make a campus ID as the default site so that at least the one campus ID appears associated to a user profile.
  •  Edit a campus identifier to change the name which automatically changes it for associated users.
  • Delete a campus identifier when it is no longer needed which automatically removes it from associated users.
Action Steps to
Add campus ID
  1. Click the + Add Campus ID button.
    The New Campus ID page appears.
  2. In the Campus ID field, enter up to 50 characters for the campus name.
  3. Click Save. The new campus id appears in the list under the Campus ID column.
  4. If this is to be the default campus id, select Default. 
Edit campus ID
  1. In the Actions column for the campus ID, select Delete. The Delete Campus ID page appears. If Active or On Hold users are associated to this campus, the message appears stating that the campus identifier will be removed from the campus count
    a number of associated users' profiles.
  2. To confirm the deletion, click Delete. Otherwise, to keep it, click Cancel.
Set a default campus identifier
  1. For the Set Default Campus toggle, click Yes. This action enables the Default column indicators. 
  2. Select the Default indicator for the campus to appear as the default item when selecting campus IDs for students, teachers, and admins as shown in the example below.
Remove the default campus
  1. For the Set Default Campus toggle, click No.
  2. This action removes the Default indicator for a campus and deactivates the Default column indicators.