Adding a No School Day to the Calendar

The Calendar tab displays the monthly school calendar where the Administrator designate days as "No School" or school days. By default, weekdays (Monday through Friday) are considered school days and weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) are automatically designated as "No School" days and display the "No School" label, but these can be changed based on the school's needs.


This tab is available to Admins only. 


School days that are designated as "No School" days and "No School" days that are designated as school days automatically make adjustments to coursework pacing for active student enrollments. This means if you change a "No School" day to a "School" day or the reverse, all active student enrollments are automatically rescheduled and new Due dates are calculated based on the "school" and "no school" days for the assigned term or start and end dates for active student enrollments.


Every teacher and parent (using the Parent Portal) sees the school calendar.

  1. Click School Settings
  2. Click Calendar
  3. Select the day to change the status. 
  4. A confirmation appears in the upper-right corner.