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The following videos will help you learn how to easily complete common, daily tasks. Links to the detailed, related articles are also included within the description box.

Getting Started Videos

Basic Teacher Training Webinar

This 2-hour webinar recording covers the basic skills a Teacher will need to successfully manage and monitor students as they work in their site.

Basic Admin Training Webinar

This 2-hour webinar recording covers the basic skills an Admin will need to successfully set up and maintain their site.

Messages and Display

Learn how to establish the display settings and create global messages.




Learn how to differentiate instruction by adjusting the content and pacing of a student's course.



Creating Reports

Data Basics to Drive Instruction

This one-hour webinar will explore three main data monitoring features – Activity Reports, the Teacher Dashboard, and our new Learner Dashboard – and will provide best practices and tips for successful use.


Videos for Students

Learner Dashboard

Learn all about the elements of the Learner Dashboard to help empower students by allowing them take ownership of their courses.


Videos for Parents

Meet Imagine Odysseyware: a Parent's Introduction

Keep parents informed about their child’s education! This video will introduce parents to Imagine Odysseyware while providing an overview of the Student Mode. 

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Courses and Customization

The Basics of Course Customization

This 1-hour webinar will explore the course customization feature and demonstrate ways courses can easily be personalized to meet individual or district needs.

Custom Course Creation

Learn how to create a custom course by copying an existing course or by creating a new course from scratch.

Teacher Authoring Tool – Part 1

Teacher Authoring Tool – Part 2


Additional Videos

Year End Procedures Webinar

User Permissions

Learn how to set the global user permissions that determine what users can and cannot do within the program.