Year End Procedures

Use this guide to clean your site and prepare it for use. At the very least, it is recommended to do this at the end of each school year. Follow the sequence outlined in this guide. 


An Administrator must complete these actions. 

If there are any questions along the way, contact the account manager. Whether looking to clean up data at the end of the semester or wanting to know that the data is always current, follow the steps in this article.

Year End Data Clean Up

Follow these steps in the order listed below to ensure the data is up to date.

Click here for a printable checklist.


For best results, navigate from right to left through the tabs.


Reports tab: Activity Reports

  1. Generate the Faculty Progress report. 
    • Complete any actions that need to be completed. 
  2. Generate the Course Percentage Complete report and determine which courses need to be archived.

Course Enrollment tab

  1. Archive completed courses and courses that students will not work on during the next academic session.


    Be sure to select the most appropriate Reason code for accurate reporting.

Students tab

  1. Archive graduated students.
  2. Place ALL other students On Hold.
    • This immediately cleans the Active student list. Since some students will not return, an Administrator can decide who gets added back. This also sets up an opportunity to review the student's permissions.

Teacher/Admin tab

  1. Archive teachers who have retired or who will no longer use the program in any capacity. 

School Settings tab

  1. Terms: Create new terms. 
  2. Calendar: identify the No School days. 
  3. Grading, Pacing, & Assessments and Permissions: Review ALL settings and permissions. Adjust where needed. 

Courses tab

  1. Review all active custom courses
  2. Archive unneeded custom courses.

Reports tab: Activity Reports

  1. Generate the Detailed Student Grading report.
    • Run for Archived/On Hold students.
    • Run by individual status as needed for reporting purposes (i.e. Complete, Incomplete, Dropped, Void)


    Save time by creating a defined set of end of semester/year protocols for teachers to follow. Indicate which actions to take and which reports are needed, along with any other close-out instructions.